Tournament Electra A/C

Smithco electric greens rollers have been used at the Ryder Cup, PGA Championships and U.S. Opens to provide the fastest, smoothest most consistent greens surfaces to challenge the best players in the world!

  • A/C (alternating current) drive system offers extended run time on a single charge cycle, typically “double” the run time offered by D/C (direct current) drive systems.
  • Electric power eliminates the potential for harmful oil leaks and offers reduced maintenance of engine and hydraulic drive system.
  • Dual roller drive system offers superior traction in all turf conditions versus single roller drive systems.
  • Low profile design for stability and operator safety.
  • Ultra quiet operation eliminates noise restrictions required by golf courses adjacent to hotel resorts or housing developments.
  • Regenerative braking system to maximize battery charge cycle and limit maximum speed.
  • Automatic electric “fail safe” parking brake system for operator safety and trailer transport.


Tournament Electra II Greens Roller Specifications


7555 Tournament Electra A/C Greens Roller


48 volt D/C to twin “ Smartec ZT “ controllers, industrial motors and trans-axles.
A/C electric motors rated at 2.5 HP (2kW). “ Smartec “ self-diagnostic drive
system integrated through an LED display on the battery charge meter.


A/C ( alternating current ) 48 volt electric powered golf greens roller. Dual roller drive system for superior traction in both directions. Electric power eliminates the potential for oil leaks on fine turf


Sealed trans-axles with “ lifetime ” gear oil. Final drive to both rollers via # 50 chain and sprockets with adjustable idlers.


Infinitely variable, 0-8 mph (0-13 kph) . Regenerative braking system to
maximize battery charge cycle and limit maximum speed.


Six 8 volt deep cycle lead acid or AGM gel cell batteries.


Hydraulically formed, electrically welded heavy wall steel tubing


Two oscillating 8” (20.32 cm) diameter steel powder coated rollers, 36” (91 cm) long. Seamless drawn over mandrel tubes with beveled ends and roller scrapers. Bolted hubs with bearings on each end of both rollers.


8.2 : 1 reduction, 16” (40 cm) automotive type steering wheel


Keyed power switch at the operator’s station. Dual drive pedals control left /right operation and speed. Dynamic braking for direction changes.


High-back, one piece for operator comfort


48 volt D/C converted to 48 volt A/C to maximize continuous operation on a
single charge cycle. Typically, double the run time of D/C systems.


Length – 52 in (132 cm), Width – 55 in (140cm), Height – 47 in (119 cm)


1180 lbs. (536 kg) fitted with lead acid batteries.


Complies with“ Smartec “ electric “ fail-safe “ parking brake standard. Automatic engagement via key switch and operator presence seat switch. Manual engagement via toggle switch at the operator’s station.
Dynamic braking throug
h regenerative braking system.


7.75 psi with 175 lb. operator on hard surface.
5.4 psi with 175 lb. operator on fine turf ( variable with turf conditions ).


Low profile design with drop axle rated at 2500 lb. capacity. Extra wide
expanded metal bed and tailgate fitted with rubber mats for traction and an
adjustable roller guide frame for easy “ load / unload “ of the unit.
Width – 56” (142cm)
Length – 47” (119cm) tailgate “up”, not including draw bar
Weight – 240 lbs. (528kg)
Tires – 18-9.50×8 pneumatic
Draw bar – adjustable from 44” (111cm) to 47” (119cm)


Smithco two (2) year limited warranty ( not including batteries )
Battery warranty covered by the manufacturer


Model 832-016 Battery charger 48v, North America – 110v 60 cycle
Model 832-316 Battery charger 48v, world charger – all voltages & frequencies
Model 750-341 Light Kit
Model 7514      Brush Kit