Spray Star 1000

Spray Star 1000 “Floats” over greens, tees and special turf. Highly accurate controls deliver the precise application of liquid chemicals to greens and fine turf. Your first choice for accuracy, safety and ecology.

  • Lightweight on the turf, approximately 8 psi (.6 bar) ground pressure, protectsyour fine turf.
  • 110 gallon (415 l.) Smithco “Perfect Solution” elliptical polyethylene tank.
  • Simple and reliable hydrostatic drive provides infinitely variable speed
  • 23 hp (17 kW) twin-cylinder gasoline engine
  • Hydraulic Power Steering offers extreme maneuverability around the tightest greens, tees, bunkers and other areas requiring spray application.
  • Positive ground speed control system assures even spray application.
  • Extremely high volume solid stainless steel centrifugal pump running at constant speed, provides the highest application rates plus consistently high agitation volume through the Smithco Quad Jet agitation system. Pump equipped with low volume warning horn and automatic air bleed.
  • Perfect application rates through a choice of 3 spray control systems TeeJet® Radion 8140 computerized spray control; Standard electrical boom and pressure control; Simple manual boom and pressure control.
  • Safety for the operator, environment and players who play your course. Certified ROPS w/ seat belts and (optional) Smithco Safe-Fill System.

Spray Star 1000 Specifications


1002 Electric Spray Control System
1008 TeeJet® Radion 8140 with GPS
1010 Manual Spray Control System
1011 Star Command I TeeJet® Radion 8140 and DynaJet System with 15’ boom
1012 Star Command I TeeJet® Radion 8140 and DynaJet System with 18.5’ boom


23HP (17 kW) twin cylinder OHV gasoline engine, 12 volt electronic ignition, full pressure lubrication with oil filter.


4 wheel, mid-mount engine, rear mounted sprayer component


Hydrostatic variable speed pump, flange mounted to engine, direct drive via splined shaft. Hydraulic power to two rear wheel drive motors. Entire hydraulic system Parker Certified Leak Resistant.


Forward Speed: 0-8 mph (0-12.8 kph)

Reverse Speed: 0-3 mph (0-4.8 kph)


Dynamic breaking through the hydrostatic transmission
Hand operated, disc type park/emergency brake


Automotive type 24F, 12 volt, 900 CCA minimum


Equipped with pair of headlights. Rocker switch operated.


Heavy duty hydraulically formed tubular steel frame with formed steel body panels.


Front: (2) 20-10.00 x 10 Ribbed
(2) 24-13.00 x 12Multi-Trac


Hydraulic power steering with orbital motor.
Automotive 15 in (38 cm) steering wheel with tilt adjustment.
18 ft (5.5 m) Outside turning circle.


Hour Meter, Speedometer, Oil Light, Pump On, Low Pressure Alarm.


Dual Pedal Hydraulic Actuation (1 forward, 1 reverse)
Hand operated throttle control


Mechanically actuated Smithco “Speed Boss” Ground Speed Control Device to maintain constant ground speed
Fixed position engine hand operated throttle


Deluxe seat, padded, vinyl covered 1 piece molded, 1/2 back support, Adjustable operator position


12 volt battery (280 cca), 24 amps, operator presence switch in seat.


85dB(A) under normal operating conditions


Length: 104″ (264cm) – Width: 70″ (178 cm) – Height: 77″ (196 cm):
Wheel Base 53″ (135 cm)
Width with Booms Open: 180″ (457 cm)
Height with Booms Folded: 110″ (279 cm)


1480 lbs (675 kg) dry
2248 lbs (1025 kg) loaded


Fuel (unleaded): 6 gallons (22.7 liters) in high density nylon low-perm tank
Hydraulic System Oil : 5 gallons (19 liters)in high density polyethylene tank


Operator presence switch in seat for engine start
Complies with all applicable ANSI, OSHA, and European Machinery Directive standards
Certified ROPS with seat belts.

Spray Components


110 gallon (416 liter), elliptical shape, cross-linked polyethylene construction with UV inhibitors. 16″ (41 cm) hinged lid and fill well with built-in locking device and nylon strainer basket in fill well Positive feed suction sump


Downstream spray system protected by nylon reinforced 50 mesh stainless steel strainer


Smithco “Quadra-Jet” agitator with four venturi volume boosters


Electromagnetic clutch with toggle switch at operator position
10-70 gallons per minute (38-265 lpm) 10-80 psi (0.7-7 bar) High volume centrifugal type with silicon-carbide seal All stainless steel body, shaft and plugs Built in low pressure warning horn to alert operator to low spray liquid level Built in automatic air bleed system for self re-priming during operation with low liquid levels Belt drive from prime mover engine


Spray performance

  • Application Rates: 20-220 gallons per acre
  • 0.5-5 gallon per 1,000 sq. Ft.
  • 180-2050 liters per hectare
  • Production rate 6.4 acres/hour @ 3.5 mph (5.6 kph)
  • Up to 75 acres per day


  • 17-601 15ft (4.5 m) 9-triple nozzle triangular structure boom, 12 volt powered outer section fold/deploy.
  • 17-575 14ft (4.0 m) 17-triple nozzle triangular structure boom on 10″ spacing, 12 volt powered outer section fold/ deploy.
  • 17-585 18.5ft (5.5m) 11-triple nozzle triangular structure boom, 12 volt powered outer section fold/ deploy.
  • 10-378 Foam Marker
  • 10-417 Smithco Safe Fill Chemicla Eduction System
  • 10-419 Fresh Water Wash Tank
  • 15-835 Tank Rinsing System
  • 16-129/16-906 Hose Reel: 200 ft. (61 m.) Capacity, Manual or electric rewind
  • 10-422 Hose Reel Mounting Kit for Super Booms
  • 10-365/10-370 Water Fill Meter Kit Gal/Liters
  • 15-622 Weather Canopy
  • 30-141 26 Gal (98 l) Wash System with electric pump

The Smithco Safe Fill System is a self-contained eduction system that allows the operator to mix liquid and dry chemicals safely and quickly.

Smithco Safe Fill System

Hypro Chemical Cleanload Eduction System

  • 316 Stainless steel venturi provides highest eduction rate and durability against all chemicals.
  • Safety – All crop protection chemistry is mixed at ground level. Cleanload eliminates the need for operators to climb on and around machines while handling expensive and dangerous chemicals. Operator exposure to slips, trips, and falls is reduced. Chemical spill potential is reduced, minimizing operator and environmental exposure.
  • Optional suction lance allows the operator to educt bulk liquid and dry chemicals (wettable powders, dry flowables and water-dispersible granules) from large containers without secondary handling.
  • Robust tank and bottle rinse nozzles designed to wash Cleanload hopper and triple rinse chemical containers of residue.