Sweep Star V62

The Sweep Star V62 is our most popular sweeper and for good reason. Compare it to the competition and see for yourself. It’s the perfect solution for picking up leaves, grass, trash and aeration cores.

  • 62″ 9162 cm) sweeping width.
  • 4 cubic yard (3.1 cu M) debris hopper.
  • Terrain-following sweeper head (hydraulic drive).
  • Powerful 18 1/2″ diameter, 8-blade vacuum blade.
  • Hydraulic tailgate dump.
  • Choice of rubber finger sweeping reel or nylon bristle brush sweeping reel.
  • 31 hp air-cooled Vanguard engine.
  • Electric clutch for quiet operation around golfers.
  • Choice of hitch: unique, high maneuverable 5th wheel for Jacobsen Turf Truckster® or tractor clevis.
  • Highly efficient dust and dirt filtration system.

Sweep Star V62 Specifications


78-200 Sweep Star V62


31 hp (23 kW) twin-cylinder, OHV, air-cooled gasoline engine with double action air intake filtration. (Engine mounted plus remote Donaldson® filtration system.)


62″ (157 cm) Self contained, two-wheel, pull-type combination sweeper and vacuum for turf and other surfaces. Pulls behind appropriate tow vehicle.


Capacity – 4 cubic yards (3.0 cu m)

Construction – 14 gauge steel formed panels

Sloped hopper bottom with 45° dump angle

High capacity airflow openings at top and rear

Dump – Hydraulic open/close of tailgate to dump debris.


Requires one of 78-210 or 78-211

78-210 Brush Reel: Single Sweeping reel with nylon bristle brush. 62 in (157 cm) sweeping width to dislodge debris from ground surface. Hydraulic motor drive from base unit hydraulic system.

78-211 Finger Reel: Single Sweeping reel with flexible rubber sweeping fingers. 62 in (157 cm) sweeping width to dislodge debris from ground surface. Hydraulic motor drive from base unit hydraulic system.


Requires on of 78-204, 78-206 or 78-209

74-204 5th Wheel hitch for use with Textron®, Toro® and Deere® vehicles equipped with 5th wheel hitch device and trailer brake option.

78-206 Clevis Hitch for use behind tractors

78-209 Ball Hitch for use behind trucks.


22 in (57 cm) diameter x 7 in (18 cm) wide, .25 in (6 mm) balanced high strength abrasion resistant impeller, 3800 CFM displacement, operating inside high strength steel housing with wear resistant, replaceable liner, large clean out door and drain plug. Connected to sweeper head with flexible air tunnel to remove debris from ground surface and deposit into debris hopper.


Engine drives hydraulic pump to power sweeper head, hydraulic motor, and raise and lower tailgate for dumping. Belt driven vacuum impeller with electric clutch.


Dependent on tow vehicle.


Relies on tow vehicles brakes.

Electric Brake Kit optional (requires the use of 78-204, 5th wheel hitch connected to a Jacobsen Turf Truckster® which is equipped with 5th wheel hitch option and electric trailer brake option.)


Hydraulically formed, electrically welded heavy wall steel tubing.


Rear: (2)24-1300×12 Soft-trac

Casters (2) 9 x 3.5 x 4


Hydraulic open/close debris hopper tailgate

Hydraulic raise/lower of sweeping mechanism head assembly. Electric (toggle switch) engage of vacuum impeller electric clutch

Remote engine start


12-volt, electronic key start


98 dbA


Length: 131″ (332 cm); Width: 70″ (178 cm); Height: 87″ (221 cm)


1500 lbs. (680 kg)


Fuel: 6 gallons (22.7 liters) in high density nylon low-perm tank

Hydraulic System Oil: 3.2 gallons (12.2 liters) in high density polyethylene tank.


Fire extinguisher. Complies with all applicable ANSI, OSHA and European Machinery Directive Standards.


78-207 Hydraulic lift System for Sweeper Head

78-208 Dust & Dirt Filtration System

78-205 12.5 ft (4m ) Hand held Vacuum Hose

78-215 Electric Brake Kit for V62 with 78-204 5th Wheel Hitch.