Ultra 15 Fairway Roller

New Smithco Ultra 10 and Ultra 15 Fairway Rollers with Money-Saving Tow-Behind Design

The new 5 gang Ultra 15 Fairway Roller has a balanced hydraulic system to keep ground pressure even over its 15’ swath. At 10 mph, the Ultra 15 will roll 18 acres an hour – three times as fast as mowing!
Our 3 gang Ultra 10 Fairway Roller has a 10’ swath to provide 12 acres an hour of productivity at 10 mph – twice as fast as mowing! Ultra 10 offers either tow vehicle remote hydraulics for wing roller fold/unfold and trans- port lift/lower or self-contained integrated electric/hydraulic system for use with a wider variety of towing options.
And to provide even more versatility, optional spiker unit (Ultra 10 only) can be fitted in as little as 15 minutes, giving a 3” X 3” pattern that can go as deep as 1 7/8”. The Ultra 15 has a 150-gallon water ballast tank while the Ultra 10 uses a 100-gallon tank.
More rollers with more features than anyone.



Optional spiker unit (Ultra 10 only)