Sports Turf Rolling at a Fraction of the Cost.
And Your Savings Don’t Stop There.

Sports Turf Rolling

The New Smithco Ultra 10 AFR Roller.
Three rollers deliver 2220 lbs. of rolling weight.

  • Money-saving tow-behind design vs. expensive self-contained turf rollers.
  • Reduces frequency of mowing, cost of labor, fuel, chemical costs and wear and tear on machinery.
  • 10-foot wide rolling capacity at 10 mph equals 12 acres/hour. Twice as fast as mowing.
  • Grass is healthier. Fields are consistently smoother and firmer.
  • Three rollers deliver 1360 lbs. of rolling weight. Plus 100 gallons of water weight when you need it.
  • Clevis hitch makes attaching fast and easy.
  • Three hydraulically controlled heavy gauge steel rollers fold forward inside the wheels for narrow paths.
  • Two tow-behind models to choose from:
    12-500-A – With its own power unit and battery.
    12-501-A – Uses remote hydraulics from the pull vehicle.