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Customer Service Phone Numbers

US (Cameron, WI): 800-891-9435
US (Humboldt, KS): 888-422-5173
International (Cameron, WI): +1-715-458-1214
International (Humboldt, KS): +1-620-473-2279

Product Manuals

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Big Vac V72E Serviced at Cameron - 1-800-891-9435

Operator’s ManualDownloadDate Modified
Big Vac V72E Operator’s 2006Download
Big Vac V72E Operator’s 2010Download03-31-2016
Parts & Service ManualDownloadDate Modified
Big Vac V72E sn 73001 – 73020Download
Big Vac V72E sn 73021 – 73044Download
Big Vac V72E sn 73045 – 73054Download
Big Vac V72E sn 73055 – CurrentDownload02-17-2016
SpecificationsDownloadDate Modified
Big Vac V72E Sweeper SpecificationsDownload