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Sports Turf, Parks  and School Grounds Maintenance

SMITHCO has some of the most productive and economical  products in the industry. SMITHCO GROOMERS help make infields safer by providing surfaces with enough give to help present injuries from falls, slides and even bad bounces. SMITHCO self-propelled SWEEPERS help make parks cleaner and more attractive.  And SMITHCO LINERS are the best for the money in the industry. Check us out. We’ll take better care of your facilities…at a better price.

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Golf Course Maintenance

SMITHCO just celebrated 50 years of designing and manufacturing some of the finest golf course maintenance equipment in the industry. Take a look. SMITHCO BUNKER RAKES add to the beauty of your course, making sand smooth, consistent and never soft.  SMITHCO SPRAYERS provide  added control for safety as well as savings on chemicals. The SMITHCO XL7000 GREENS ROLLER is more productive.  And whatever product you choose, financing to match your needs is available.


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