Bunker Rake Implements
and Accessories

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Sand Cultivator
(58”/147 cm) – straight blades.


Sand Cultivator, stainless steel
(58”/147 cm) – stainless steel, flexible
spring tines loosen the sand while
protecting the bunker edges.


Construction Leveling Blade
(58”/147 cm) – ideal tool for tee
and green construction.

disc edger

Disc Edger
rolling blade for bunker edging.

sand cultivator

Sand Cultivator triangle-shaped blades
(58”/147 cm) – triangle-shaped blades.



Core Collector
fast economical way to pick up cores from greens. Labor saving and very cost efficient.


Steel Tournament Series Rake
(72”/183 cm) and (84”/213cm)
with stainless steel spring tines
shown with optional finish brush
to provide a smoother finish
versus a grooved finish.

tournament series rake

Tournament Series Rake with Flex-Brush
(72”/183 cm) and (84”/213 cm)
hinged 3-section stainless steel
spring tines, 3 trowel plates with
adjustable grooved blades,
4 grooved floating finish blades,
rubber grommets for noiseless transport,
outer sections fold to reduce
transport width. Outer rake sections
flex in tight turns to reduce
unsightly “doughnuts”. The final finish is
a smooth rushed appearance.


Fan Rake
(72”/183 cm)
5 spring steel fan rakes mounted to a floating mount bar. Provides a less aggressive grooved finish, also works well for debris removal from bunkers. Not pictured 13-319 (72’’/183 cm) Fan Rake Kit which mounts to rear of 13-758 Pro Rake.

standard rake

Brush Attachment Kit
for 72’’/183 cm and 84’’/213 cm finish rakes
final finish is a smooth brushed appearance in lieu of the grooved finish. A soft, natural, windblown look.


Serrated Rubber Rake
with optional finish brush.


Pro Rake
(72”/183 cm)
an upgraded version of our classic rake that was developed over 30 years ago – hinged 3-section steel tine segments, 3 grooved trowel plates and 5 grooved floating finish blades.


manual plow

Manual Plow
(40”/102 cm)
aluminum blade, replaceable wear plate available in straight blade or adjustable angle feature configurations. Easy and convenient stow/deploy operator handle, fully adjustable.


Hydraulic Plow
(40”/102 cm)
aluminum blade, replaceable wear plate available in straight blade or adjustable angle feature configurations. Hydraulic operation of stow/deploy.


typhoon pumping

Typhoon Pumping System
remove standing water from bunkers, turf areas or hard surface. 600 gpm high-volume pump for liquids and semi-solids, 6.5’ (2 m) suction snorkel ensures that the prime mover stays dry. 11 hp (8.5 kW) gas engine, electric start.

Box Scraper

Box Grader
(66″/167 cm)
hinged scarifier tine bar, levelling blade, ideal tool for tee and green construction.


Roller Brush Spiker System
a quick-attach 3-section system for rolling greens or newly sodded areas; work topdressing into the soil profile after aeration; spike your fine turf to allow moisture, air and nutrients into the root zone. Each component can also be purchased separately.

enginedpowered leafblower

Engine-Powered Leaf and Debris Blower
10 hp gasoline engine, blower 2800 CFM, 190 mph makes quick work of leaf and debris removal.

Dry Fertilizer and Chemical Spreader
quickly and easily apply fertilizer or topdressing sand to fine turf, salt and sand to hard surface for ice control. 100 lbs (45 kg) polyethylene hopper (rustproof), 12-volt powered. (not pictured.)

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