Star Command 1750
Spray Vehicle Specifications

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SPRAY STAR 1750 w/ STAR COMMAND I SYSTEM & 18 ft. (5.5 m) Spray Boom
Advanced Rate Control Field Computer (TeeJet Radion 8140) with DynaJet Pulse Width Modulation System. Presssure and droplet size control. Wide range of ground speed. Purpose-built spray boom with dual nozzles and dual solenoid valves.

SPRAY STAR 1750 with STAR COMMAND II SYSTEM & 18.5 Foot (5.5m) Spray Boom
Advanced precision TeeJet Aeros GPS Satellite guided Field Computer. Terra Star Antenna for use with GS, WAAS & Glonass Satellites. Provides Sub-2 in (5 cm) position control and permanently retained mapping. Smithco/TeeJet DynaJet Pulse Width Modulation. Pressure & droplet size control. Wide ground speed range. Purpose built 18 ft (5.5 meter) Spray Boom. Dual Nozzle-Dual Solenoid Valve System.

Plus all the features of the Spray Star 1750

Spray Star 1750 Spray Vehicle Specifications

Download PDF Spec Sheet
Type Vanguard V-twin Air Cooled
Displacement 54.68 (896 cc)
Rated Horsepower 35 hp (26 kw)
Air Cleaner Double Action air intake filtration
Engine mounted cyclonic filtration system
Cooling Air Cooled
Lubrication Full Pressurized
Oil Filter Full Flow, Spin on type
Electrical System 24 amp, with 12V 900 CCA battery, fuse protected
Fuel Capacity 10 gallons ( 37.9 l)
Traction System Hydraulic power to two rear wheel drive
Hydraulic System 5 gallons (19 l)
Hydraulic Cooling Full flow filter with oil
Tires Front: 20-10.00×10 Turf
Rear: 24-13.00×12 Multi trac
Service Brakes Dynamic braking through hydrostatic transmission
Parking Brake Auto spring pressure release park brake
Manual engagement to both rear wheels
Steering Hydraulic Power Steering with orbitrol motor.
15” steering wheel with tilt adjustment
Transport 0-12 mph (0-20 kph)
Capacity 175 gallons (662 l)
Construction Eliptical polyethylene with UV inhibitors. 16” hinged lid with built in locking device and nylon strainer basket
Filtration Downstream filtration 50 mesh strainer
Agitation Agitator with 4 venturi volume boosters
Pump Rocker switch operated. 10-70 gpm (36-225 lpm). 10-60 psi (0-7.4 bar). Stainless high volume centrifugal with silicon carbide seals.
Application Rates 20-220 gallons(180 – 2050 l) per acre
0.5-5 gallons per 1000 sq.ft.
Production Rate 6.4 acres/hour @ 3.5 mph (5.6 kph)
Up to 75 acres per day
Weight Dry – 1750 lbs (784 kg)
Loaded – 3500 lbs (1588 kg)
Length 127” (3.22m)
Width 65” (1.65m)
Height 78” (1.98m)
Wheelbase 68” (1.73m)


Leaf spring front suspension
“Spray Boss“ mechanical ground speed system & cruise control
Choice of electric, computer or manual spray control system
Certified ROPs with seat belts


18.5’ or 20’ Super Boom
1752 TeeJet® Radion 8140 w/ GPS speed sensor
1754 Electric Spray Control System
1710 Manual Spray Control System
1758 Star Command I TeeJet® Radion
8140 and DynaJet System with 18.5’ boom
1755 Star Command II Teejet® Aeros GPS Satellite System with 18.5’ boom


Water Fill Meter Kit – gallons or liters
Foam Marker – electric operation, manual control
Manual hose Reel – 200’ (61m)
Electric Hose Reel – 200’ (61m)
26 gallon (98l) Wash Tank System
Fresh Water Wash Tank
Foam Marker
Chemical Cleanload Safe fill System
Tank Rinse System
3/4” or 5/8” Pressure Hose Kits in 50’, 100’ or 200’ lengths
Pistol Grip JD9 Spray Gun
Sonar Boom Kit – automatic boom height adjustment system
Rogers Cover Spray Boom
Drift Reduction Boom Shield

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