Tournament Ultra Lite 7576
Greensroller Specifications

greensrollerultralite - Tournament Ultra Lite 7576
Weights and Measurements Length 52” – (132 cm) Width 49” – (125 cm) Height 47” – (119 cm) Weight 605 lbs. (275 kg)
Ground Pressure 4 PSI with 175 lb. operator on hard surface 3 PSI with 175 lb. operator on fine turf
Brakes Dynamic thru hydrostatic drive system
Seat High back; one piece for operator comfort
Construction Heavy gauge square steel tubing mainframe, hydraulically formed, electrically welded.
Engine 9 HP (6.7kW) Honda Model#: GX270UT2QA2 Commercial gasoline engine, single cylinder, air-cooled. Engine mounted air cleaner.
Sound Level 90 dbA under normal operating conditions
Electrical System 12-volt system available from the engine while running, no battery
Drive Hydrostatic using a 16cc Hydraulic Pump driving two (2) hydraulic motors direct coupled to each roller cylinder. Direct drive motors eliminate maintenance; hydraulic drive to both rollers provides superior traction in all turf and terrain conditions.
Steering Mechanical chain / sprocket, 16” (40cm) automotive type steering wheel
Fuel Tank 1-gallon (3.785L) engine mounted
Oil Tank 1-gallon (3.785L) hydraulic oil tank
Rollers Two (2) oscillating 8” (20.32cm) x 36” (91cm) length, seamless, drawn over mandrel steel tubes. Bolted hubs with bearings on each end of the rollers.
Controls Recoil start, engine throttle, choke and fuel on/off on the engine. Dual drive pedals control left / right operation and rolling speed. Pedals connected to hydraulic pump via mechanical linkage.
Speed Infinitely variable 0 – 7 mph (0-11.3 kph)

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