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At Smithco, your turf is serious business. We help courses, fields and parks across the globe achieve lush, green turf using the latest in industry-exclusive technology and equipment built to last. Our vast line of exceptional products, paired with our legendary service, keeps our customers coming back time and time again.

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Experience the difference that our complete line of turf management equipment can make with a frontrunner in the industry. Choose Smithco and elevate your turf management game today.

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Smithco has over 55 years of experience engineering turf and golf course maintenance equipment worldwide for courses, athletic fields, and park and recreation facilities. From industry-leading GPS technology, all-electric vehicles, and durable, long-lasting machinery, Smithco continues to design, manufacture and innovate turf maintenance equipment that saves time and money. With a standout line of sprayers, rollers, aerators, sweepers, vacuums, rakes and groomers, Smithco products are built tough and built to last.

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Industry-Leading Turf Maintenance Equipment

The turf doesn’t lie. Smithco products are built for the best and by the best in the industry - from engineering to assembly, sales and customer support. That’s why whether you have a Smithco sprayer, roller, sweeper, or more, you're saving time and money while getting the best turf possible.

Spray Star 1200 D

Spray Star 1200 D

The Spray Star 1200 D, with a diesel engine, combines power and precision for superior turf care. Utilizing TeeJet® GPS technology, it achieves industry-leading application rates and adaptable coverage.
Spray Star 1200

Spray Star 1200

Smithco's Spray Star 1200, featuring TeeJet® GPS technology in the Star Command system, delivers precise spraying with top application rates and customized turf coverage for efficient and durable turf management.
Spray Star 300 T

Spray Star 300 T

Smithco's towable Spray Star 300 T integrates seamlessly with existing equipment, providing precise spray application through GPS automation. The DynaJet system ensures control over pressure and droplet size, enhancing turf health with Smithco's accuracy, and minimizing budget impact.

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Smithco’s library of resources is designed to help support your business and your customers with all their Smithco needs.


From sales tips to the benefits of aeration, accuracy in turf spraying and superintendent support, Smithco’s blog aims to highlight the issues facing the turf maintenance industry with insightful articles.

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Get up close and personal with Smithco’s line of exceptional turf maintenance equipment. Check out our library of photos and videos for all of your favorite producs.

We Take Your Turf Seriously

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