Fairway Rollers

Smithco's Fairway Rollers: Rolling Towards Perfect Fairway Greens

Experience unparalleled turf smoothness with Smithco's Fairway Rollers. Our rollers are designed to deliver a superior, consistent playing surface on your fairways, enhancing ball roll and overall course aesthetics. Easy to use and efficient, Smithco's Fairway Rollers are the ultimate tool for maintaining a pristine golfing environment that players will love.

Compare Sweepers

Sweep Star 48 Sweeper
Sweep Star 60 Quad Sweeper
Sweep Star 60 Sweeper
Sweep Star V62-V Turf Vac Sweeper
Sweep Star V72 E Sweeper
Sweep Star V72 PTO Sweeper
Adjustable Sweeping Heads
Self Propelled
Hydraulic Controls
Rubber finger reel
Nylon brush reel
Dust filtration
Vac hose
Combo Head

Rolling into Excellence by Redefining Turf Precision

The meticulous engineering of Smithco's high-quality fairway rollers provides an unmatched level of performance. Embrace excellence with fairway rollers that not only meet but exceed expectations, creating surfaces that boast a flawless finish.