Smithco's Aerator: Revitalize Your Turf, One Rotation at a Time!

Unleash the full potential of your greens and sports fields with Smithco's Aer-8. Expertly designed to enhance soil aeration, our aerator facilitates optimal nutrient absorption, promoting stronger, healthier turf. With their robust construction and ease of use, Smithco's aerator makes turf care a breeze.

Smithco Aerator Sets the Standard

Smithco sets the bar high with its premium, durable aerator, which maintains the excellence of your golf courses and sports fields, season after season. Our Aer-8 unit feature four versatile tines, addressing a wide array of essential aeration requirements.

Rooting for Success

The Ultimate Game-Changer for Turf Health

Rely on Smithco's top-notch aerator to elevate the overall health and performance of your turf and sports fields. Our high-quality equipment ensures a pristine playing surface year-round, making it the ideal choice for both golf and sports field industries. Aeration allows for root growth by pumping more oxygen to the roots while relieving compaction. Invest in the longevity and vitality of your greens and fields with our specialized aerators designed to exceed your expectations in both sports arenas.