Smithco's Sprayers: Precision Care, Every Square Inch!

Smithco’s Spray Star turf sprayers speak for themselves when they deliver max capacity spray applications time after time, spray after spray. You save time and money and most importantly, your turf has never looked better.

Compare Sweepers

Sweep Star 48 Sweeper
Sweep Star 60 Quad Sweeper
Sweep Star 60 Sweeper
Sweep Star V62-V Turf Vac Sweeper
Sweep Star V72 E Sweeper
Sweep Star V72 PTO Sweeper
Adjustable Sweeping Heads
Self Propelled
Hydraulic Controls
Rubber finger reel
Nylon brush reel
Dust filtration
Vac hose
Combo Head

Max Capacity Spray Application

Spraying solutions have never been more precise and effective with Smithco's range of turf sprayers. From the GPS-enabled Spray Star 1200 to the expansive reach of the Spray Star 1110, each sprayer ensures meticulous application for optimal turf health. The budget-friendly Spray Star 300T offers the same superior quality, making professional turf care accessible for all. With a capacity range up to 318 gallons and powered by robust Vanguard V-Twin engines, Smithco's sprayers are designed to cover every inch of your course with unparalleled precision. Trust Smithco's Sprayers for superior turf maintenance that stands the test of time.

A Partnership in Turf

Smithco and TeeJet’s Exclusive Partnership Gives Your Turf an Edge Above the Rest

DynaJet's smart droplet management system from TeeJet Technologies stands as a testament to innovation in the turf management industry. Beyond its ease of use, the system is a powerhouse of features designed to cater to diverse needs. The ability to customize the system according to the specific requirements of different turf applications sets DynaJet apart from its competitors.