Turf Sweepers

Beyond Aesthetics: Smithco Turf Sweepers Ensure Healthy, Inviting Golf Courses

Elevate both the beauty and health of your golf course with Smithco's advanced turf sweepers. A debris-free course not only enhances aesthetics but is crucial for maintaining healthy greens, ensuring a consistently smooth playing surface that keeps golfers returning time and again.

Smithco's Turf Sweepers: Unrivaled Cleanliness, Unmatched Efficiency

Experience the ultimate in turf cleanliness with Smithco's line of Turf Sweepers. Our range, from the compact Sweep Star 48 to the powerful Sweep Star V72 PTO, offers exceptional sweeping efficiency on all surfaces. Whether it's the self-propelled, 3-wheel design of the Sweep Star 48 or the expansive 72" hydraulic drive sweeper head of the V72 PTO, each model is engineered for optimal performance and ease of use. Our Sweepstar V62 and V72E models even combine sweeping and vacuuming for a complete turf cleaning solution. With features like easy-to-empty debris hoppers and highly maneuverable hydraulically driven designs, Smithco's Turf Sweepers make quick work of any large turf area. Trust Smithco's Turf Sweepers for a pristine, debris-free turf that stands out.