Lawn & Golf - Dealer of the Month

June 19, 2024

In this video, Ken Jennings, President and Managing Partner of Lawn and Golf Supply Co., discusses his long history with Smithco, a partnership that began in the late 1960s. Ken shares his top tip for selling Smithco equipment: get the sales team out to customers with the equipment. He highlights the expertise and support of Smithco’s sales staff.

Ken’s favorite Smithco products to sell are their sprayers, which he praises for their advanced technology. Looking ahead, his business goals include growing both his brand and Smithco’s by showcasing the quality and value of their sprayers to more golf course superintendents.

Ken also recounts a recent success story involving regional sales training with Smithco. They successfully negotiated to supply a GPS 3000-gallon sprayer for a university turf program, thanks to the product knowledge and support from Smithco.

In his closing remarks, Ken expresses his enjoyment of watching Smithco’s growth and working with their team, which makes selling their products worthwhile.