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Meet Your Salesperson: Doug Colley

June 27, 2024

Doug Colley has been a Canadian regional sales representative at Smithco, Inc. for the last 34 years. His journey with our company began after a significant 15-year tenure as a Smithco dealer sales representative. Doug's rich history with Smithco has spanned almost the entire 55 years of the company's existence, making him an integral part of the company’s legacy. Doug’s extensive experience speaks volumes about his dedication and expertise.

Doug's career started in Ontario, where he worked for a company for 10 years before moving to a new venture and eventually representing Smithco products in Ontario. His dedication and hard work led him to propose representing Smithco across Canada, a role he has excelled in for the past 34 years. 

Doug finds joy in working with the Smith family, specifically Ted and Don, who have always been supportive and offered quality products. He appreciates their pleasant demeanor and the integrity they bring to their business, which aligns perfectly with his own values.

Outside of work, Doug has a passion for boating and fishing. He lives on a waterfront, which allows him to indulge in these hobbies regularly. In his earlier days, Doug was an avid golfer with a 4 handicap and spent 17 years as a member of a private club. Though he no longer plays due to a shoulder injury six years ago, his love for the game continues through his daughters, who he taught to play and who now own his golf clubs. His social life has always revolved around golf, and he enjoys watching it on TV, maintaining his connection to the sport.

Doug's work is more than a job; it gives him a purpose and a reason to start his day with enthusiasm. He values the responsibility and the relationships he has built with his dealers over the years. Most importantly, he believes in the quality and reliability of Smithco products, which makes his work fulfilling and enjoyable.

Doug Colley is a seasoned professional whose dedication to Smithco and love for his work and hobbies reflect his commitment to excellence. His deep-rooted connections in the industry and his passion for the products he sells make him a remarkable asset to Smithco and a trusted advisor to his clients.