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Tagalong Testimonial: Why Steve Chooses Smithco

March 4, 2024

Tagalong to Learn Why Steve Devine Chooses Smithco

Steve Devine, a seasoned golf course superintendent at Tagalong Golf and Resort, knows the importance of precision, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. With over 30 years of field experience, he’s seen firsthand the impact equipment choices can have on his operations. That’s why he’s a strong advocate for the Smithco brand. Devine boasts the benefits he has experienced by using his Bunker Rake, Spray Star 2000 with the Raven 440, and the Spray Star 1200 with its innovative GPS system, along with the less mechanical (but equally important) perks of having experienced Smithco’s excellent customer service and care for their dealers.

Precision & Efficiency

The Bunker Rake’s ability to push sand is unmatched, according to Steve. This critical task supports the quality of the overall course, and Steve believes Smithco’s design outperforms competitors.


Sustainability is also a priority for Steve and the Spray Star 1200’s advanced GPS system impressed him. He shares his experience with the GPS-equipped model, noting a substantial savings of over 25% on his chemical solution mix. Devine suggests that reduced chemical usage leads to cost savings and potentially lower environmental impact.

Customer Service

Beyond the equipment itself, Steve praises Smithco’s customer service. He appreciates the ability to quickly source parts, access knowledgeable staff without the inconvenience of being transferred multiple times, and witness a willingness to adapt and improve products based on feedback. Steve feels Smithco is deeply committed to supporting its customers' success.

Understanding those needs is just the first step. At Smithco, we believe in turning feedback into action.  We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our dealers and customers pushing us to be better. Our team takes your feedback seriously. When you provide us with insight as to how our equipment works for you, we take that information straight to the drawing board, turning your thoughts into action. Trust in Smithco to help you improve your operations, minimize your environmental footprint, and achieve remarkable results.

To explore more about the Smithco Bunker Rake, Spray Star 2000, and other innovative solutions that can transform your golf course maintenance, visit the Smithco product page. Discover how integrating these tools into your daily operations can lead to remarkable savings, superior course conditions, and an overall improvement in environmental stewardship.

View the video testimonial here.