A new level of accuracy, control and productivity

Star Command 3.0

No one matches our 9 years of experience developing the most precise application available for spraying chemicals on turf.

Star command 3.0 teejet® features

Turn Compensation

nozzle output matches boom speed during turns preventing the inside and outside of a boom to travel at different speeds, resulting in overdosing on the inside and under-dosing on the outside.

Ten-inch Nozzle Spacing

This allows more efficacy because of increased overlap of the spray pattern.

Virtual On-screen Nozzle Control

Operates up to 100 nozzle sections individually. Eliminate extra cabling and separate controller.

Instant Money-saving On/off

No longer recharge the boom in On/Off cycles.

The Dynajet System

This is incorporated into the Aeros 9040 controller, eliminating extra cabling and separate controller.

Terrastar-C Pro

This significantly reduces convergence time, to as little as 90 seconds.

Star Command Vehicles